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6:00 AM Strength (Judy)

PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy)-

Postponed until further notice

Strength (Judy)-

Postponed until further notice

8:30 AM PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy) Cycle Pump (Sarah) TRX* (Sarah) Pilates (Sarah) [8:45] Low Impact Total Body Conditioning (Milissa) – 45 mins. [8:00] Cycle 60 (Lori)
9:30 AM Zumba Gold (Beth) Pilates (Sarah) Cycle (Lori)Zumba Gold (Beth) Cycle 30 (Judy)  [10:00] Specialty Class (Judy) Cycle/Core (Sarah)Zumba Gold (Beth) [9:05] Pilates (Marisa)-55 mins. [9:45] Cycle 60 (Sarah)
10:30 AM [10:35]Stretch Conditioning (Sarah)-55 mins. [10:15] Zumba (Beth) [11:00] TRX* (Judy)[12:00]PulseFit (Boot Camp) (Judy)
3:30 PM 3:00:  Kids’ Fitness* (Ari)
5:30 PM PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy) Cycle 30 (Casey)  PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy)
6:00 PM  Cycle 60 (Lori) Zumba (Beth)Pilates (Marisa) Specialty (Casey) Zumba (Beth)

This Week’s Specialty Classes:

Join Casey on Wednesday, May 6th, at 6 PM – have fun working your entire body in “crazy cardio!!!”

Join Judy on Thursday, May 7th at 10 AM – enjoy working your entire body performing cardio and weights in “mini boot camp”.


Inclement Weather Policy: Pulse Fitness follows the Millbrook School District schedule for delays and closings. For a 2 hour delay, all AM classes will be cancelled. Please call ahead for afternoon closings.  In addition, closing details and/or schedule changes will also be announced on our incoming phone message, on our website and on our Facebook page.


Gift Certificates Available – All Denominations


Choose from our monthly payment option and short term class packages.  Pulse offers membership options to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Non members – please  telephone Pulse in advance to reserve a bike for cycle classes.

Class schedule subject to change without notice.

* Advance registration required for all TRX and Kids’ Fitness classes – call Pulse to reserve a spot.


Pulse Hours

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*Other hours available by appointment only*