Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 AM Strength (Judy) PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy) Strength (Judy)
8:30 AM PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy) Cycle Pump (Sarah) TRX* (Sarah) Pilates (Sarah) NEW!!!![8:45] Low Impact Total Body Conditioning (Milissa) – 45 mins. [8:00] Cycle 60 (Lori)
9:30 AM Zumba Gold (Beth) Pilates (Sarah) Cycle (Lori)Zumba Gold (Beth) Cycle 30 (Judy) NEW!!!!!! [10:00] Specialty Class (Judy) Cycle/Core (Sarah)Zumba Gold (Beth) [9:05] Pilates (Marisa)-55 mins. [9:45] Cycle 60 (Sarah)
10:30 AM [10:35]Stretch Conditioning (Sarah)-55 mins. [10:15] Zumba (Beth) [11:00] TRX* (Judy)[12:00]PulseFit (Boot Camp) (Judy)
3:30 PM 3:00:  Kids’ Fitness* (Ari)
5:30 PM NEW!! Core/Flexibility(Lori)-30 mins. PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy) Cycle 30 (Casey)  PulseFit (Bootcamp) (Judy)
6:00 PM NEW!!! Cycle 60 (Lori) Zumba (Beth)Pilates (Marisa) NEW!!!!!Specialty (Casey)Kick Box Core Demo: Dec. 3rd at 6:30 PM!!!! Zumba (Beth)

This week’s specialty class:

Wednesday, Nov. 26th at 6 PM – Work your abs and arms with Casey  in “Armed and Dangerous”

No specialty class on Thursday in observation of Thanksgiving. 

Choose from our monthly payment option and short term class packages.  Pulse offers membership options to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Non members – please  telephone Pulse in advance to reserve a bike for cycle classes.

Class schedule subject to change without notice.

* Advance registration required for all TRX and Kids’ Fitness classes – call Pulse to reserve a spot.

Inclement Weather Policy: Pulse Cycling and Fitness follows the Millbrook School District schedule for delays and closings of classes. For a 2 hour delay, all AM classes will be cancelled. Please call ahead for afternoon closings.  In addition, closing details and/or schedule changes will also be announced on our incoming phone message, on our website and on our Facebook page.


Pulse Hours

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*Other hours available by appointment only*